My [EPIC] MageOmega Bonus

I totally understand you are probably interested in buying MageOmega, but maybe you are weighing bonuses from different sites/people – I get that! I’ve designed a MageOmega Bonus that knocked my socks off! I expect it will do the same to your socks, so make sure you have those bad boys pulled up to your knees!

The goal of my MageOmega bonus is to fill in the gaps and further strengthen the all round deal you get with MageOmega, and to give you some additional ideas so you can add some new skills to your marketing arsenal. I have three main categories I have divided my bonuses into, courses, software, and audiobooks. Without further adieu, let’s get to the meat of the matter!

MageOmega Bonus Courses

  • 4X Energy (Value: $479) 

    Ever get tired before completing your day? This course is gonna teach you how to be more productive and quadruple your energy. I am applying the methods in this course to my life as we speak. It’s exciting to say the least!

  • Dropshipping Dreams (Value: $97) 

    Dropshipping is an area of eCommerce that every eCommerce marketer would love to learn more about. Learn how to get 1000% with this proven dropshipping sales funnel.

  • Sphere of Influence (Value: $397)

    Email marketing is a big piece of the puzzle. Learning how to take care of your customer and dig deeper into their psychology won’t just make you a lot of money… it can make you rich. This course is not available to the general public and it will knock your socks off!

  • 3 Figures Writing Profits (Value: $97)

Do you enjoy writing? This course will teach you how to take your writing skills and make bank serving clients who need your services! He shares exactly how he is able to earn $400 per article that takes mere hours to write. Cool stuff.

  • Wealth Masterclass (Value: $297)

This is a step-by-step course that will help you take any blocks you may have out of your way, and show you how to explode your finances through the stratosphere. You will discover simple exercises that will open up your mind to a whole knew world and you will learn the pillars of wealth.

  • A course all about being creative (Value: $97)

All I can tell you is, this is as good as bonus as I could possibly offer. If you want to be mentally stimulated into a higher state of creativity, this will accomplish that goal.

  • Affiliate Black Label Rolodex (Value: $97)

This is a bonus I created for you only. It contains a list of highly recommended tools and resources (more free than paid). I use these tools in my business and I recommend them to you!

MageOmega Bonus Software

  • Pop Up Domination 3.0

If you are selling stuff on a website, then you need to find different ways of getting people onto your email list so you can sell to them again and again. This nifty piece of software helps make that possible.

  • Camtasia

(Only works on Microsoft machines) I love filming screen shares for my customers. Camtasia has become integral in my business and I’d like to share my multi license with you!

  •  Instabuilder 2.0

Creating squeezepages is a huge part of any business to grab new customers off of any site or page. Instabuilder is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create capture pages right on your WordPress site.

MageOmega Bonus Audio Books

  • Supreme Self Confidence, by Paul McKenna

This is a hypnosis audio that will train your mind to grow self-confidence. Confidence is extremely important if you plan to sell anything, because no one wants to buy anything from someone who can’t even sell themselves.

  • The Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill

Widely known for his book, Think and Grow Rich, Hill released another book with even more information about build success. The Law of Success is a long audio series that will teach you the 17 principles of success. I used to listen to this series every time I went to the gym. It always got me pumped up!

  • The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone, by Fredrik Eklund

Whether you’re just starting a job as a sales rep at Verizon, navigating your career as an executive or entrepreneur, or hitting your stride closing big transactions as a banker at Goldman Sachs, The Sell will show you how to improve your game and radically increase the money you’re bringing home. I figured this audio book helps supplement MageOmega and provides you with additional tools to increase your eCom sales potential.

PLUS, I have included a few additional bonuses not mentioned above in my MageOmega bonus.

I hope you find this bonus as valuable as I do! Once you buy the course from this site, simply forward the receipt to me (or email me your receipt number) to with the subject containing the words, “MageOmega Bonus.” I will respond with your bonuses once I confirm your purchase.

Check out my full MageOmega review here to learn what you get with Greg Jacobs’ masterpiece!

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